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Welcome to n2nedi.com – Your complete End to End solutions

n2nedi.com allow you to connect to partners and businesses in a dynamic, secure and efficient manner. We're here to help when:.

  • You need updates to be delivered to multiple trading partners instantly.
  • You and your suppliers need access to account information 24x7.
  • You need to develop custom, client-specific tools and features.
  • custom reports in the format that meet these and other needs.

    From suppliers to retail point-of-sale, multiple suppliers and multi-divisional corporations or even internal supply chains, n2nedi.com can be incorporated in a step-by-step fashion until it is enterprise-wide


  • Reduce the cost, paper and manpower associated with processing multiple transaction types regardless of your trading partners' back-office systems.
  • Use the flexibility and skills of our experienced development staff to get you up and running quickly.
  • Order to Cash"/"Procure to Pay" process with the flow of information using n2nedi’s Portal Technology to provide real-time feedback, monitoring and reporting
        capability for you and your trading partners.
  • Streamline "Order to Cash"/"Procure to Pay" process with automated and intelligent transactions.
  • Enable secure, easy information 24 x 7 via Internet.

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